Custom Emoji MDGram

Do you want to have personalized Emojis for your MDGram Messenger? , Here we bring you various styles of emojis, such as applying ios emojis to your android telegram or also Windows 11 emojis and much more. These emojis are not my property, here only I provide them in an informative way so that they can be used.


This method is only applicable to users from android 10 to adnroid 13, ………. users with minor android version could have Fail in emojis, may not show emojis normally.

Available Emojis:

  • Emojis ios 15.4 Unicode14
  • Emojis JoyPixel 7.0 Unicode 14
  • Emojis Windows Fluenti 3D
  • Emojis Windows 11- 2D
  • Emojis Samsung Unicode 14
  • Emojis Twitter Unicode 14
  • Emojis Facebook unicode 14
  • Emojis Android Unicode 14

How Apply Emojis on MDGram

Install MDGram Messenger.

Step 1 : Guide for Settings

Step 2: Search Emoji file font Format .ttf file and click in file for select and Apply emoji.

Step 4: Ready you have aplied Custom Emoji, Importante when you use custom Emoji disable Emoji System.

Download Emojis

All emojis For download is Available here 👇👇👇👇

Emojis ios 15.4 Unicode14

Credits To Apple

Emojis JoyPixel 7.0 Unicode 14

Credits To JoyPixel Oficial.

Emojis Windows Fluenti 3D

Credits For Designer Correspondent.

Emojis Windows 11- 2D

Credits To windows 11

Emojis Samsung Unicode 14

Credtis to Samsung

Emojis Twitter Unicode 14

Credits To twitter

Emojis Facebook unicode 14

Credits to Facebook

Emojis Android Unicode 14

Credits to Google