MDGram Messenger Official 2023

MDGram Messenger Official 2023 Version 15.5 (MDGramYou) is a client for Android Telegram ios Style and Material design telegram ios whit Design Clean and Diferent A beautiful and clean client for all lovers of ios design and Material Design created by myself, Richar Correa (rcmods). Every update is always getting better.

MDGram Messenger Official 2023

Waths is MDGram Messenger Official?

MDGram apps Messenger is a client that uses the Telegram API or as others call it a Telegram fork, and of course it maintains all its official Telegram features, but MDGram brings extra features, MDGramYou is always characterized by its very good design Made in two focused styles such as MaterialYou and iOS Style and also contains customization where you can choose styles later its characteristics are detailed.

Availability apps messenger MDGram:

MDGramYou is only available for Android and not for IOS devices, therefore it will have a recommendation for Android devices to use Android Minimum Android 5+ and later versions. MDGramYou is not available on google play console at the moment because it is in Approval Review, but you can also Get MDGram from this Official Website where updates and everything as MDGramYou will arrive.

MDGram is Secure?

MDGram Messenger is completely safe to chat team communication app, because it uses the clean source code of Telgram Messenger and not from other Telegram forks clients, MDGram Messenger is a project started from scratch and safe as much as refinitiv messenger.

Features MDGram Messenger:

As the main features of MDGram to mention, we have a variety that we will mention in detail so that you can see what MDGram brings. Broadly speaking, it has a different interface from the normal Telegram, Styles, mods, Design and more that we will mention below.

  •  Home UI design 2 styles
  • UI telegram ios
  • UI Telegram Material You
  • Conversation screen design 2 styles
  • MDGram Settings Design
  • Possibility to change the font
  • Possibility of using emojis with ttf extension
  • chat bubble styles
  • Possibility to change the size of stickers
  • Possibility to translate your messages
  • Possibility of direct forwarding from MDGramYou to other Apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger.
  • Search bar.
  • Option to put your contact profile photos and in general circulate / rounded
  • Possibility of putting Name in the title of the Home
  • Possibility to choose the style of the application icon
  • App Icon Launcher compatible with Android 12 MaterialYou.
  • Ability to choose chat actionbar style
  • And much more to discover.

Install Messenger MDGram Apk in your Phone Android

  1. The first step is to download the Apk that will be provided in the download section on this same page, two Links will be provided in case there is any problem with a link.
  2. Once downloaded, we proceed to look for the downloaded file, which would generally be in the download folder.
  3. The next step is to install the application if for some reason a PlayProtect warning appears. don’t be alarmed it can happen because of the installation signature… what you should do select «Install anyway»
  4. And ready and so we have already install messenger MDGramYou, and you can now log in with your cell phone number and enjoy.
MDGram Messenger Download Official

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